Reality vs What's Really Real!

Kids today watch way too much reality t v. Most of the shows portray kids whose parents are rich & famous, and they live lavish lifestyles like, My Super Sweet 16, MTV Cribs and Teen Cribs. Then there are some that try and teach teenagers a lesson by showcasing teenagers in tough situations such as, 16 & Pregnant, or Teen Mom. This show follows teen girls who are pregnant at 16 and are struggling with everyday issues like, how do they tell their parents their pregnant, or if they should keep the baby or give it up for adoption, why did they engage in sex before marriage or if they keep the baby will the father of the child remain in their lives. These are issues that the average teen who is watching this show may be able to relate to.

Now let’s take My Super Sweet 16 for instance. The kids on this show give these lavish parties, where their parents are spending crazy amounts of money on cars, hiring top-notch party planners, flying them to Vegas to shop, renting out lavish venues. Then there is Teen Cribs, which showcases the homes of teen celebrities and kids of celebrities. There have been published reports that suggest these people may not even own their homes, and that they are actually renting them. Giving kids false perceptions about their lifestyle. My daughter told my husband and I recently that for her 16th birthday party she wants to arrive in a Black Mercedes May Bach, which costs about $1500 dollars to rent, she wants us to hire several photographers, so they look like paparazzi, she wants a red carpet and she wants all of her friends to scream her name as she exits the car. I tried to explain to her, “that it’s t v, it’s not real”, but then she said, “it’s a reality show, doesn’t that mean it’s real?” No it does not, it’s media hype. Entertainment that’s all! Most of the people on these shows don’t even pay for all that stuff it’s given to them for allowing the network to showcase them on t v, and then some of them do, one lady on Super Sweet 16 took out a second mortgage to pay for a party. Now please tell me why would someone do that. That’s setting another bad example for kids, teaching them how to go into debt to pay for a party to impress others. Parents educate your kids on what is fiction and made for entertainment and what is real. T v is luring our kids into believing what they are seeing is an everyday occurrence. Remind your children that parents are here for love, support, and to provide them with food, shelter, an education and clothing. All wants come with good behavior, respect, and maybe a little loyalty and appreciation. Just because we may not be rich & famous, and have a lavish home, and lot’s of money to shop, we are still blessed with life. Letting them volunteer a day or two helping out in a soup kitchen or homeless shelter or something similar may show them how good they have it compared to the less unfortunate.


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