Beans, Beans, and More Beans!!

I remember growing up I hated all Beans except for Baked Beans of course, but now as an adult I eat all types of beans from; black beans to lima beans. Almost all beans are delicious and super healthy for you!

Black Beans: rich and smoky in flavor, these hearty beans taste almost meaty. They taste great in most mexican dishes.

Garbanzo Beans: chickpeas these are often called. Nutty and buttery, often mashed up with garlic and oil for a dip called hummus. Which taste great with warm pita bread.

Lentils: brown, red, or green beans! Taste great in soups.

Kidney Beans: The BIG RED Bean! They are shaped just like a Kidney. They taste great w/ rice, olive oil, and veggies or chili.

Pinto Beans: creamy texture. Never tasted them, so not sure what they taste good with.