New Pediatric Dentist Open in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Pediatric Dentist Dr. George Lynch Caters to Urban Families With Cutting-Edge New Practice

Dr. George Thomas Lynch wants to make going to the dentist painless — both literally and figuratively — for young, urban Philadelphia families. While “Dr. George,” as he's known to his pediatric patients, is tuned in to the fact that more families are raising their children in the city than in years past, he also realizes that there is a growing city-wide need for quality dental care. In fact, based on a recent statistical analysis, Men’s Health Magazine gave Philly a grade of “F” when it comes to dental health care, ranking it #2 among “American cities with the worst teeth.” Dr. George wants to change this perception and believes that dental health care can only be improved and maintained when patients look to their dentists with trust and understanding. Those relationships begin at an early age with positive experiences through fun, rewarding interactions, he says.

At his practice, Cobblestone Kids, located at 1352 South Street, Dr.
George's goal is to make each child's first visit enjoyable and stress- free. As you can see from the attached photos, the environment Dr.
George and his staff have created is not only non-threatening; it's an exciting one for his pint-sized patients. “I’m a big believer in first impressions,” he explains, “and we want to make sure that ours is the best we can possibly make it.”

Most of Dr. George's treatments utilize behavioral techniques that promote positive outcomes. “One of my favorites is 'Tell-Show-Do,'” he explains. “This technique prepares your child for dental exams and treatment by telling and showing your child what we are going to do before we do it.”

The practice also features videogames for patients and siblings in the waiting room, wide-screen televisions in treatment rooms, digital X- ray technology, eco-friendly processing methods, a reward center for successful visits, and a private parking garage. For more information, please see the Cobblestone Kids website.

In the Media
Dr. George has been featured on Parenting Perspective blogs by ABC News anchors Cecily Tynan and Tamala Edwards, as well as

What Moms Are Saying
“I just wanted to share - we had a great visit with Dr. George! [Our son] had his first dentist appointment yesterday afternoon (he's five
- we waited a long time) where they found one cavity, which was filled this morning. (appointment was at nine, we were back home before ten).
When I got home from work last night, he couldn't wait to tell me about all the prizes he got, and show me his new toothpaste and big boy flossers. He was beside himself with excitement to go back today.
Dr. George is lovely - very personable, great with our kid - we couldn't ask for any better! Thanks to everyone who recommended Dr.
George, and if you're looking for a pediatric dentist, give him a try!” — post from the Fairmountparents community on Yahoo!

About Dr. George
Dr. George graduated in 2001 from the Honors Program at the University of Delaware with a degree in Biological Sciences and obtained a Spanish minor while studying abroad at the University of Costa Rica.
He went on to earn his D.M.D from the School of Dental Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania in 2005. Dr. George is now a Board- certified pediatric dentist and member of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry, American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Dental Association.

photo credit: Mark Gisi/Tabula Creative


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