Last night we had parent teacher conference at my daughter's school, she's in 7th grade. She did good all A's &B's. Now I'm not one to brag about my kids, cause it took alot of blood, sweat, and tears for her to achieve those grades. Not every child is built to be a genius and just excel in everything. I hate those parents who come to this events and ask the same question. How was your child's report card? None of your bizzness is what I want to say, but I always reply with the same answer "It was good", and I leave it at that. But you get some parents who are like, "Oh my son/daughter's report was great, he/she is an honor student, the teacher's all love him/her. Like please give me a break!!!! Your child is really no better than the next kid. My husband and I always try to tell our kids to their best and you will succeed at anything you put your heart into.



Why is that the "PERFECT PATTIES" of the world say you should put your income tax refund in the bank for your children's college. Where is it written that you have to share everything with them. I already share my entire paycheck every other week with them. I'm sorry they gets no parts of my income tax refund check. Besides I have made sure as a mother that they are a "LITTLE" smart so they can hopefully get a full scholarship to college. I want to spend my savings traveling so my husband and I can go to exotic places that are not kid appropiate.

okay so this morning we were running late as usual cause my husband slept on the wrong side of the bed, and overslept. It's always his fault, cause he needs to be up on time since he is the first one to leave in the morning. Wouldn't you all agree? So anyway I'm telling Princess & The Baby that we have to hurry up cause we are running late. So I go in Princesses room after about 20 minutes, and instead of getting dressed she is in there on the floor sorting through her dresser to find an appropiate outfit for tommorow since they are having dress down day. Now I don't understand what part about "WE ARE RUNNING LATE" she didn't understand. I says to her why are you doing this now, you can take care of this later in the evening. Needless to say she walked out the door with her lips poked out like she does most mornings cause I ruined her day.



okay, so I think I getting the hang of this blog site. It only took me 45 minutes to post one