The mysterious case of "Mr. I Don't Know"

If you have children or a husband then I am sure you have met Mr. I don't Know! He shows up when something wrong has happened, and nobody knows what happened or who did it. So Mr. I Don't Know showed up last night and stuck a RED crayon into the uniform pants of one my two very innocent children wash them and put them in the dryer, and you probably already know what happened next. Well this morning when I took the clothes out of the dryer, everything was covered in melted red crayon. But once again nobody knows who had the red crayon. and technically according to them it's my fault cause I did not check the pockets. With all that said THE MAID IS ON STRIKE!!


  1. I know this story all too well!! The only difference was the crayon in our story was pink. And it took a small village to get the melted crayon out of the dryer (not all came out and it was permanently dyed pink in places). The other thing that always makes it in is chap stick and lip gloss, but since my daughter is the only one who ever has that in her pockets, she can't blame Mr. I Don't Know! Have fun on strike! :)

  2. thanx for the comment. fortunately the red crayon did stain our dryer, but I had to replace brand new uniform pants. dont we just luv our kidz.

  3. Oh jeezz, I have been there way too many times. My color of choice was the green crayons. A little tip I have learned is to use the whitening toothpastes on a soft cloth. Believe it or not, it does help to remove the crayon stains :O)

    Take care,