boyz will be boyz

Why are boys so flanking(that's my made up curse word) nasty, it sceeves me out sometimes how gross they can be. The prince(my son) said to me as I was telling him to take a bath this evening, "I washed 2 days ago" and he was using his serious pose too. You know the one where they have their hands out, and their shoulders up, while they are explaining the logistics as to why they should not take a bath. Oh and everyday when he comes home from school, the first thing out of his mouth is, "can I have a snack please, I'm so hungry", and I always tell him to wash his hands first, and you know what he says??? "I washed them when I went to the bathroom after lunch", are you kidding me!!! You nasty lil pig!! In mommy world, not washing your hands every 30 minutes is a sin. I wash my hands so much, it's a wonder I even still have skin left. It's so bad that he's 7(soon to be 8 next month), and I still have to ask him if he used soap, and most times, well let's not sugar coat it, almost all the time that answer is a BIG FAT NO. Let's face it boys are this way by nature, My husband is 40, and I still have to question his cleaniness..