I just love Friday, it's my favorite day of the week. To me it symoblizes the end of sometimes a tough, or rough week and the beginning of something great. Those two days where you don't have to be "AT WORK" dealing with "WORK", and the all of the things that come along with "WORK". Don't get me wrong I absolutely love, love my job, but there are some days where it's a doosey. So HAPPY FRIDAY!!! time to get plastered.(for those of us who are into



Dating Your Spouse!!

By all means go on a date with your spouse. I recommend at least twice a month if you have children, and once or twice a week if you don't have children. My husband and I spend so much time with our kids, that just going to the grocery store for an hour w/o them is considered a date to us(pretty pathethic). We really get excited when we go to dinner, or to the movies, and sometimes we get to stay at area hotels overnight boy is that fun!!! So stay connected to your spouse(I know that's not as easy as it sounds). Smile every once in a while, and don't forget to ask "how was your day", it's the little things that count.



HGTV!!! love,love this station, and no matter how much I watch their shows, I still feel like my house is no where near as nice as some of the homes they decorate. No matter how much I like some of the design concepts, and I say to myself "oh that would look nice in my living room, or my bedroom" I always freeze up when I go shopping for housewares. I think my issue is, hmmmm I forgot. Anyway watch HGTV to get great ideas...


The Blues!!!

You ever have "the blues". It's When your a little down and you can't understand why. (ladies this is totally different from PMS). Today, I have "the blues"



So I am currently at Starbucks w/ my son waiting for his activity to start and my daughter's to finish. This will be our normal Sunday routine for about a month, then on to the next new thing. Why does it seems as if everyone and their mother is here today. This place is packed. I think people come in to use their free internet.(lol). I can't see how this place is suffering from our economic downfall. Cause we all know that the items in here aren't cheap. I often wonder how much Starbucks makes in one day...So moving on, my anniversary is tomorrow YAY!!! we made it through another year w/o me killing him(lol). I love my husband(i No for real he is genuinely a nice man...I couldn't have asked god for anyone better...