Princess had swim class last night. No not for a team, but for actual lessons. She is 13 I don't why I waited so long to teach her to swim but as we all know I am far from perfect. The best mother's are the ones who sometimes mess up like me.(smile) So anyway she has been taking this class for like three weeks and she is actually pretty good, she picked up on the basic stuff fast. But please explain to me if for the last three weeks you have been putting on your bathing suit before we leave the house(just in case we are running late for class,which we were) why would you not put on your bathing suit this time. I'll tell you why she was so busy txting someone or in the mirror for 20 mins. looking at herself while she was changing that she forgot. Those kids and their father will be the death of me.



Valentine's Day!!! Why such the hype. My husband and I say I LOVE U everyday (well sometimes, ahhh ok mostly like once a week). Why do people spend so much money on stupid gifts like, chocolate(makes u fat), ballons(which deflate), teddy bears(that scare u when u awake in the middle of the night). We normally take our kids out to eat w/ us, cause they are at that age where they think it's something special, but we didn't even do that this year. I cooked!!!! yea, and I even prepared it before I took the baby to an activity....KUDOS!!! for me...