Thought of the day!

If you resent those who have achieved more than you, that blocks your own path to achievement. If you feel superior to those who have achieved less, your own achievements will quickly crumble.

There is more than enough of life’s abundance for everyone. There is nothing to be gained by placing judgments on those who tap into more or those who tap into less of that abundance.

Every person expresses life’s abundance in his or her own way. Every person is at a different point on the journey, and each journey is unique.

Choose to be inspired instead of intimidated or resentful. Focus on creating your own special manifestation of goodness and abundance.

Joyfully celebrate the good fortune of others. Graciously accept and appreciate the value that their accomplishments add to all of life.

Then envision your own next accomplishment. And with a thankful heart, bring that vision to life.

— Ralph Marston

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