Suffering Mother/Wife

So last night I'm running around like crazy, washing clothes, drying clothes, folding clothes, and packing clothes, Oh and I made a trip to target, old navy, and kohl's, because my forgetful self only brought princess one bathing suit at the beginning of summer, so I had run around to a few stores before I was able to find someplace that even still had them. My kids as i mentioned before are leaving tomorrow for a week. I feel like I ran a marathon last night, and the whole time my husband is sitting there watching the SOPRANOS for the umptenth time, and every so often he would say, "You need me to do anything?", and of course what do I say, "no it's ok, I'm fine" Of course I don't need you now, because it's all done you idiot. Why do wives/mothers suffer so much, because we never want anyone else to help, because we know deep down they can't do it like you would.


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  1. I totally agree with you! It just seem that we have a lot in our hands but we are underappreciated. Tsk.